Childbirth Education


We are so excited to bring the Your Birth Experience childbirth preparation course to Claremore! This is a unique and comprehensive childbirth education that is appropriate for anyone preparing for their childbirth experience.

YBE isn’t a coping technique or a method but rather a way to find out exactly how YOU, in your own unique and personal way, can have the best experience during the birth of your child. YBE digs deeper and reveals things about your personality to help you understand your needs and desires AND how to communicate them to your care team. Unlike courses like Bradley or Lamaze that focus on pain management YBE focuses on YOU. No matter your method of birth; induced or spontaneous, vaginal or abdominal, medicated or non-medicated, YBE is for you.

To be educated is to be equipped and to be equipped is to be empowered! The best way a woman can effectively advocate for herself, her baby, and her family to have the birth she desires is to be educated about her choices and her rights. It is our goal and passion to support women in whatever they wish for their birth experiences through providing a solid foundation of education and resources to benefit them before, during, and after birth. It is our desire that expecting families can go into their birth experience confident about their choices because they have been educated to make informed decisions.

“I want women and their partners to have the confidence to advocate for themselves and the care they desire before, during and after the birth of their child. I will provide resources and educate them about the process of birth, their bodies, their options, and their rights surrounding their care, in order for them to be as successful in achieving their goals as possible.”-Devon Mullins, CYBE

With the Your Birth Experience training you will be able to identify what your ideal birth experience looks like as well as begin the process for being able to achieve it!



Topics covered in this 4 part series includes

The importance of a birth plan

Envisioning your birth

Understanding the birth process

Meeting your new baby and breastfeeding success

Preparing for your birth experience

In addition to these topics, we will go over different coping techniques available to expecting parents, breastfeeding information, postpartum concerns, and many other resources that are helpful for preparing for that new addition.

Your Birth Experience training is available in a one on one (or two) format, a group setting. or via Skype if you are unable to do an in person class. Discount is available if taken as a part of a doula services package but it is also available a la cart.

Please contact us to set up your free consultation!